Nige’s Rules

  • Nige only plays the music he feels like.
  • Nige ONLY plays the music he feels like.
  • No James Reyne.
  • If you don’t like the music Nige plays, then please listen to one of the many other great stations out there that play the same 300 songs over-and-over again.
  • Nige does not play commercials; they get in the way of the music.
  • Nige does not take requests; he plays the music he wants to hear.
  • Nige likes to have a laugh. If you don’t think it’s funny that’s your fault.
  • Nige does not set out to offend but often succeeds, nonetheless.
  • Nige is honest to a fault. Unless he’s broken something in which case he will straight up lie to your face.
  • You can’t call Nige, you can only email him, and even then, he probably won’t even read the email so don’t bother.
  • Nige doesn’t target a specific demographic or sociographic – in fact, he doesn’t even know what those things are. He just plays bloody good music.

stream nige! online

If you love Nige, and you love bloody good music, then this is the station for you!

It’s broadcasting to Canberra and the World through cars, mobile devices, smart speakers, digital radios via Canberra DAB+ and streaming on LiSTNR and iHeart Radio.

hit one of the streaming channels below to start listening!